The Shekleton flock

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Sheep have always been on the cards for us. My love of them and natural fibres really developed during my PhD. The desire to support rare breeds, have tasty meat, good fibre and not be too heavy on the land drew us to Castlemilk Moorits. They are currently listed as an at risk breed and are a bit more goat looking than sheep looking but we love them. We have found them to be beautiful well mannered sheep, reasonable to handle and fairly low maintenance. You can read more about the breed on the RBST and the CMM Society pages.

We now have 3 bought in registered ewes, Arha, Arya and Aeryn,  as well as 6 home-bred lambs (3 rams and 3 ewes) Crichton, Celaena, Caitlin, Caprica, Crais and Cisco. We've already had some lovely mutton (which we got great feedback from) and beautiful sheepskins. 

Sam and the sheep (and geese)

Dans and the sheep


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