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Sheep have always been on the cards for us. My love of them and natural fibres really developed during my PhD. The desire to support rare breeds, have tasty meat, good fibre and not be too heavy on the land drew us to Castlemilk Moorits. They are currently listed as at risk and are a bit more goat looking than sheep looking but we love them. You can read more about the breed on the RBST and the CMM Society pages.


We bought 6 registered ewes in late Feburary, Arha, Arya, Alanna, Aelin, Aeryn and Anya. Although the plan was to send 3 for meat in autumn and keep 3 for breeding we have now decided to breed from all 6. We will see how the land copes with them over winter and maybe sell some with lambs at foot next year.


We had a bad autumn and are running late but we hired a registered tup, Akbar, and he is busy turning our brown sheep into orange sheep. Fingers crossed for lambs in May


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