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Our produce

We currently have a stall at our gate where we can sell eggs, fruit and veg. It's just chicken eggs at the moment as we aren't in season for anything else. We are hoping to have jams and chutneys for sale before 2019.

We can also sell meat (straight from the butchers)  by prior arrangement. In the autumn we shall have some Castlemilk Moorit hogget (a sheep that is between 1 and 2 years of age) as well as possibly some mutton (a sheep over 2 years of age). Hogget and mutton are both sold by the half sheep and can be cut to your specifications. We can also do distance sales on meat. We shall be posting on the website and facebook page as soon as we know when the hogget/mutton is available.

We have some lovely organically tanned sheepskins available. I just need to take accurate measurements and photos of them and then I will get them on here and priced up.

Please contact us if you are interested in hogget, mutton or sheepskins. 

Produce on the stall last summer



126 Dog Drove South 
PE12 0SD